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Phenomenal place. Very affordable and always accomodating. I`ve moved multiple times, but still go back to there despite the fact that I don`t live as close anymore. Also, I`m not sure how the rewards/points system works there, but every once in a while I am pleasantly surprised to find out my dry cleaning is free due to this system.

Matt L, Chicago, IL

Over the weekend I had a wedding to go to. right before the wedding, I picked up my tux and my wife picked up her brides maid dress. we get in the car and on our way home, this idiot just cross our way and we got into an accident with three cars. Not to mention our tux and dress was completely ruin. we started to search for cleaners that specialize in these kinds of things and nobody wanted to take the responsiblity to clean our stuff in one day, even if I pay extra. I finally called Image and talked to Hugo and explain my situation and very, very nice he told me it can be a challange but he can try. ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING, we picked up our stuff at 7:00 am and OMG, it was GOOD AS NEW. Thank you so much. I found my cleaners for ever and i will recommend this cleaners to everyone.

Mike R., Chicago, IL

I`ve been going to this same dry cleaners since 2005 and never have I ever had a bad experience. I have been able to recommend this place to my friends who have also found this to be a great place to go to. Their prices are very reasonable compared to those of other typical dry cleaners and the service is always high quality. There was this one time where I was in a hurry to get my clothes dry cleaned because the day after I would be attending an important event. So, they said that they would be able to have my clothes ready by the next day and surely enough, the next day my clothes were ready for me to wear. Love this place.

Cassandra S., Chicago, IL

We are so pleased with their service and love the convenience of having our dry cleaning picked up and delivered to our home. Hugo is such a nice guy and goes above and beyond. We highly recommend them and wish we would have found them sooner.

Maria B., Chicago, IL

Very courteous service. Pick-up and delivery service is a plus. Very good attention to detail and care of garments. Fair prices. Recommended.

Jack L., Chicago, IL

I must admit I was skeptical at first. I mean, who has the money to have their dry cleaning delivered!? But, I was also busy and my laundry would pile up from week to week sometimes leaving me to scrounge in the back of my closet for a clean shirt. After signing up with Image, I got into the weekly groove - put em out on Tuesday, get em back on Friday. Hugo worked with me to find a safe place to drop them off where they were protected from the elements and thieves and now, I never have to scrounge again for a clean shirt!! I`m sold and have been a loyal customer for months.

Peter S., Chicago, IL

This is a great service. The cost is comparable to drop-off service, but obviously a lot more convenient. I have been using the service for several months now and have been very happy.

Matthew P., Chicago, IL

We have been very pleased with Image Dry Cleaners. Love that they pick up the dry cleaning and return it a couple of days later. Saves us a lot of time! We have been very pleased with the quality and customer service.

Kolbrun F., Chicago, IL

I love image dry cleaners. I`m very picky about how my suits are cleaned. This place gets it right every time!

Rhianna D., Chicago, IL

I started using Image Dry Cleaners because of a marketing campaign wherein the owner gave me $10 of free dry cleaning, provided free pickup and delivery every week, and made me laugh with the materials. I have been satisfied with the quality of the dry cleaning (so far we have dry cleaned men`s shirts and pants and a down comforter), and plan to continue using Image for the foreseeable future.

Katy D., Chicago, IL

I was a little nervous about coming here because it didn`t have any ratings. Its Sunday afternoon I need a shirt pressed for that evening. Very few places are open in lakeview, the only one I could find said it would be $6 for the pants and $5 for the shirt, So I called these guys up they said come on over, it took less than 5 minutes and cost only $2.50. Its a little hard to find. Its just north of Berry on Ashland on the east side, its in a little shopping square with an LA Tan, I would definitely use them again.

Christopher J., Chicago, IL

I have been using their services for almost 3 years now. They always do excellent job. The employees are very friendly and always greet you with a smile. 

Sarah, Plough


I`ve been going to this same dry cleaners since 2005 and never have I ever had a bad experience. I have been able to recommend this place to...

Cassandra S., Chicago, IL  vew more >

Over the weekend I had a wedding to go to. right before the wedding, I picked up my tux and my wife picked up her brides maid dress. we get in...

Mike R., Chicago, IL  vew more >

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