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What You Need To Know When Dealing With Stains On Dry Clean Only Fabrics

Nothing can be as annoying as getting your best outfit sparkling clean only to have it badly stained upon the first wear. Tough stains are a pain in the neck. Everyone knows that stains need prompt attention for the best chances of effective removal. Sadly, it may take a few days before you take your outfit to the dry cleaners. So what do you do to remove the stain? Well, you are about to find out a few ideas that can alleviate matters before you finally take your clothes to the cleaners.

Picking a stain remover

When it comes to picking a stain remover, you do not just settle for anything labeled stain remover. You need to pick the right choice. There is a wide variety of stain removing products but not all may give the best outcome with your fabric. To pick the right stain remover, you need to identify the kind of stain on your fabric. Is it grease stain, tea, milk, coffee, protein stain, wax, gum, coffee, mud, ink, sauce, mustard or lipstick? Identifying the type of stain makes it easy to take action fast while awaiting cleaning services.

Scraping off gloppy stains

For gloppy stains, the best way to deal with them is by scrapping them off. To achieve the best outcome, you should scrap the stain from the outside as you move towards the center. After you are done scrapping off, blot the stained area using a clean piece of moistened cloth and a small amount of water.

Occasionally, change the small piece of moistened cloth to avoid reapplying the stain to the affected area of the fabric. You can then apply an ideal stain remover and then bloat again. Repeat this process severally to remove the stain from the fabric. Once you have entirely removed the stain, leave your clothes to dry.

Handling liquid stuff

When dealing with liquid stuff, bloating comes first. Bloat the stain using a clean soft cloth.  A soft cloth is effective for removing as much liquid as possible from the fabric. After you are done with bloating, you can apply the right stain remover using a ball of cotton, soft cloth or cotton swab based on the stain size. 

Once you have applied the stain remover, keep on bloating using a clean white cloth. As you go about this step, you will notice the stain moving onto the white cloth. To avoid spreading the stain during bloating, you can switch to a clean portion of white cloth from time to time. Reapply the stain remover and bloat again until the stain is entirely removed.

Handling oil stains

For oil-based stains, you are going to require an absorbent to effectively soak up the oil. For instance, you can use corn starch (an effective absorbent) to suck the oil from the stain by simply covering the stained portion with it and leaving it for nearly half an hour. After 30 minutes, you can flip your clothes and shake it to get off the absorbent.

With the oil absorbed, you can deal with the remaining stain by applying a stain remover and leaving it for a few minutes. This should be followed by bloating using a clean piece of cloth and then rinsing with a moistened clean cloth as well. You can then leave the outfit to dry.

These are some of the things that you can do to effectively get rid of tough stains from your clothes before taking it to the dry cleaner in Chicago IL 60613. Keep in mind that the most important things to do when dealing with tough stains is taking action promptly, choosing the right stain remover and bloating with a clean piece of cloth. All these can make sure that your dry cleaner will be able to remove the stains totally during the dry cleaning procedure.

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