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What Do You Need To Know When Dealing With Delicate Clothing?

People have many clothes which are easy to wash and maintain, while others are delicate and need special care. Pieces that are made of linen, wool and silk happen to be the most delicate. Mostly, they will come with tags that elaborate on special care. The tag may say “dry clean only”, which means that you should not attempt to wash the cloth at home but instead take it to a professional cleaner. On the other hand, it may read machine wash or hand wash. If that is the case, you can follow these steps when cleaning.

Hand washing

The first thing that you should do is fill a basin or sink with warm water and then add a mild detergent. It could be a handful or a tablespoon depending on the number of clothes that you are going to wash. Next you should put your garments into the water and swirl them around. Wash the clothing gently working on areas with dirt or stains.

After you are done washing, take the clothing out of the water so you can empty the basin and fill it with clean water. Rinse the clothing and take them out to dry. If the clothing is too delicate, you will have to put into soapy water and swirl it for several minutes. Rinse it with clean water and take it out to dry. Do not wring the cloth as it may cause damages.

Machine washing

The previous point focused more on hand washing delicate clothing. When it comes to machine washing, there are a number of tips that will help you out. When using a washing machine, ensure you use the delicate cycle for your delicate clothing. The delicate cycle is a machine option that is designed to let the machine operate slowly reducing the amount of abrasion that would otherwise harm your delicate clothing. To ensure your delicate clothing is properly cleaned, sort them out in terms of material. Furthermore, you need to fill the machine with water halfway. Do not forget to use lukewarm water for cleaning.

Pressing out excess water

There is a way that you can squeeze excess water out of your delicate clothing without getting them damaged. Simply find a large towel and lay it on a flat surface. Place the wet garments on top of the towel. Get another towel and spread it on top of your delicate cloth such that it is between the two towels. Next roll the towel from top-down. This should fold the cloth as well. One you have rolled the towel (with the garment between) into a sausage shape, gently press down on the roll. This will release the excess water. When you are done, leave the garment on a flat surface to air dry.

Dealing with detergents

One of the common mistakes that many people make when doing laundry is putting detergents directly on their clothing especially when using a washing machine. The truth of the matter is that there is actually a right and wrong way of using the washing machine. Putting detergents directly on clothing is wrong and it could cause damages to your delicate clothing. Always put the detergent into the water first before you get your clothing washed.

Delicate clothing requires special attention. If you are not careful when dealing with delicate clothing, you may end up with damaged garments. You would not want to spoil one of your favorite garments because of poor cleaning methods. The good thing is that you can always take your delicate clothing to a dry cleaner in Chicago IL 60613 if you are not too sure on what to do. It will save you time and money that could be spent on buying another garment.

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