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Top Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes


Dry cleaning is a convenient way to get your clothes cleaned with no hassles. There are many benefits of having your clothes cleaned by experts who are well versed in the art of dry cleaning. They also have vast experience in the composition of fabrics and are able to efficiently clean, and remove stains that you would normally not be able to. Dry cleaners are especially a lifesaver for busy people who have no time to do laundry.

Dry cleaners do alterations and mending too

If you need anything altered on your garment, a dry cleaner will gladly and efficiently do any alterations needed. They will mend any tears in your garment and sew on missing buttons for good measure. This will of course cost you slightly more, but is well worth the extra penny. These extra services are especially useful for busy professionals who have no time to sit and mend tears in their garments.

Super convenient

Dry cleaning is convenient for everyone; not just busy professionals. The only thing you need to do is drop off your laundry and pick it up when it is ready. In these days of fierce competition, you are likely to get a dry cleaner in Chicago IL 60614 that offers pick and drop services. All you do is call them and they will do the rest. How convenient is that? You do not have to spend back breaking hours doing ironing while you can just have them dry cleaned.

They have great expertise and are more efficient

Dry cleaners have the expertise in cleaning garments. It is safer to let an expert handle your garments, rather than clean them yourself and risk damaging the garments. They are knowledgeable in stain removal and always have the latest in dry cleaning technology. There is absolutely no need to struggle to remove a stain that can be easily removed at the dry cleaner’s. 

Dry cleaning has the ability to dissolve grease and oils and preserves the natural state of a fabric. Natural fibers such as wool clean really well in water, but are apt to shrinking, distorting or changing appearance. It works well in the sense that clothes retain their natural appearance and maintain color too. It gives real meaning to the saying ‘As good as new!’

Extra storage for a price

If you happen to have too many clothes and your storage space is less than sufficient, the dry cleaners have you covered. The dry cleaners have specially made vaults that protect your clothes from mold, moths, theft and just about every other unwanted element. When this service first became available, most people would store only furs, but this has changed to just about any garment, especially the going out of season clothes. Winter clothes especially tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space, so are they tend to be the most preferred storage clothes.

Quality assurance is guaranteed

Dry cleaners must do a quality check on the garments before returning them to their respective owner or before pick up. They ensure that the garment has been cleaned to your specification and satisfaction so that when you finally pick it up there is no complaint. Most dry cleaners provide a mothproofing service, which is a chemical treatment that ensures clothes are not attacked by moths. The moth ball method used to be the method used to keep away moths, but the strong smell was off putting. Mothproofing leaves a pleasant smell in comparison to moth balls.

Whatever your reason for having your clothes dry cleaned, it is obviously the best and most convenient method to have your clothes cleaned. The fact that you can have your clothes picked up, washed and dropped back should be reason enough to have them dry cleaned!

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I`ve been going to this same dry cleaners since 2005 and never have I ever had a bad experience. I have been able to recommend this place to...

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This is a great service. The cost is comparable to drop-off service, but obviously a lot more convenient. I have been using the service for several...

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