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Tips That We Often Ignore When Cleaning Garments


Dry cleaning goes way back to the ancient Roman times when clothes that tended to be too delicate were cleaned without water using a type of clay called Fuller, lye and ammonia derived from urine! We have come a long way from using those archaic methods and by simple definition; dry cleaning is cleaning with solvents and little, or no water at all. There are, however, basic things you should know about fabric care.

Spots and stains should be taken care of immediately

Stains are annoying, especially if they are on your favorite garment, or a new one that you have hardly worn. Spots and stains should be taken care of soonest possible. The longer a stain stays on a garment, the more it oxidizes and sets into the fabric, thus becoming a permanent stain. 

Clothes that especially have sugar or food stains should be cleaned immediately. Storing the stained garments makes them vulnerable to insects and they end up with holes from the eaten fibers. Dry cleaning is perfect for the removal of body oil and sweat, which are the two main causes of fabric degradation and permanent stains. 

You should take a stained garment to the cleaners as soon as humanly possible, and you should never iron dirty or stained garments as this drives the stain deeper into the fabric. As soon as the garment gets stained, it is recommended you blot the stain, not rub it. This helps remove some of the substance that has stained it. Look up a Chicago drycleaner in your local area and take it for immediate cleaning.

Protect your garments

Your clothes are an investment. Looking good, especially in the business world is always a plus. First impressions matter and if you turn up for an interview looking sloppy, with stained or discolored clothes, you send a negative image. Always make a point, if possible to protect your clothes from direct sunlight or strong artificial lights. These elements tend to discolor clothes and make them look sloppy and aged. 

When you sun dry your clothes, always make sure you dry them inside out, or hang the colored ones in a more shaded place if possible. Don’t let them stay out in the sun too long either or the sun’s ultra violet rays will discolor them. Before storing away clothes for a season like summer and winter, make sure you clean them, to prevent mold and insect invasion.

Have the garments cleaned appropriately

A damaged garment can be very disappointing to say the least. It is always wise to make sure you read the care labels carefully before cleaning the garment. The care labels indicate how and how a garment should be cleaned. You should never disregard that information as it holds the key to keeping your garment in a pristine condition. 

If the garment care label indicates it should be dry cleaned, then by all means have it dry cleaned. It is not uncommon to find people hand washing a garment that clearly says do not hand wash and getting horrible results. Some materials are simply not made for hand wash and it is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Taking care of your clothes is crucial. It is imperative that you treat stains as soon as they happen, by first blotting away as most of the staining substance as possible, then cleaning it before the stain oxidizes. Keep clothes out of the sun while drying them, and you have to read the care label on the garment before you wash it to avoid laundry mishaps. Appearances matter, and when your clothes are well taken care of, it shows.

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