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If Clothes Can Talk They Will Tell You How To Take Care Of Them!

You buy clothes off the rack, wear them to a pertinent occasion, and then throw them into the laundry basket. When it comes to cleaning them, are you sure you are doing the right thing? Don`t wait for such a time when your clothes will haunt you in your dreams and tell you what to do. Well, kidding aside, if your clothes can talk, they will tell you the following things so you can clean them.

"Reading individual tags is very important"

Clothing is a very valuable and expensive investment. In fact, if you will go through statistics, you will find out that majority of individuals spend portions of their monthly salaries on clothing alone. Since this is an expense, you must remember that you have to read the tags carefully. What`s this got to do with taking care of clothes? Well, tags include instructions as to how you can clean your clothes – whether hand wash, tumble dry or dry clean. It even reminds you to separate dark colored clothes from lightly-colored fabrics.

"Why are you forgetting about the stains?"

One of the things you might commonly forget when it comes to taking care of your clothes is to just put on stained clothing inside the same laundry box  where all other un-stained items are placed. What can be wrong with this? Tendency is you might forget to pay particular attention to stained clothing and dump it inside the washing machine to get it cleaned. What`s worse is that you are letting stain sit on your clothes for a long time without you doing anything about it. Remember that when stains get deeper, they become harder to remove.

"Don`t scrub me when I have stains on!"

Some of you may do the exact opposite of the scenario mentioned above. You pay too much attention to the stain that you forget about how delicate your clothes can be. When garments are heavily stained, there is a tendency that you will resort to harder stain removal methods like scrubbing that area where the stain is. This can work for some types of fabric but sometimes, the stain can just spread out wildly over the entire garment and the last thing you know is you have already ruined the entire thing.

"You are not storing me properly"

Storing your clothes will make them look clean and smell fresh all the time. But storing is not as easy as just hanging your garments and then placing them inside the closet without paying attention as to where they will stay for the meantime. When worse comes to worst, you will end up tearing or stretching the fabric or even create creases on them that will oblige you to iron the piece before wearing them.

"Some of us need dry cleaners"

Just because you can take care of clothes using the tips above means you can simply skip the privilege of sending garments to dry cleaners. Remember that if you read the tag, there is specific instruction there as to the mode of washing – one of which is dry clean only. Even if you have your own dryer or washing machine at home, this does not give you the license to just put dry clean only garments inside. Saving time and money is not an excuse to forget about how essential the help of professionals are when it comes to keeping your clothes clean all the time.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the ones that you can neglect when it comes to taking care of your clothes. Do not wait until such time that your clothes will talk and complain about their situation. It is your duty to make sure that you send these items to a dry cleaner in Chicago IL 60613.

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We have been very pleased with Image Dry Cleaners. Love that they pick up the dry cleaning and return it a couple of days later. Saves us a lot...

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