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Care Guidelines For Those Not-So-Obvious Kind Of Laundry

There is more on how to take care of our clothes than just to see them clean. Being able to care for your laundry ensures that clothes we wear have that new look on them for longer and that means we don’t have to keep buying new outfits thus saving money. For more care tips in how to take care of your clothing, you can talk to your local service shops that deal in dry cleaning in Chicago IL 60657. In this article, we will look at frequently asked questions when it comes to clothing care and laundry.

How to deal with stains

You should never leave a stain on too long before acting on it however busy you may be. The reason behind this is because if a stain stays on too long even after laundry it leaves a faded spot on your garment and this happens mostly to alcohol stains. You should be careful when spraying on perfume and hair spray so that they don’t get to clothes because the chemicals found in the spray may cause discoloration on the garments. Use water and soap to remove food stains but if you are not sure what to do about a particular stain ensure that you take your garment to your dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Cleaning tips for fine garments

Fine garments always come with care labels on them instructing on how one needs to handle them when cleaning. Be careful to follow the instructions on the label for those that are meant to be hand washed. Materials like cotton and linen come with particularly strict instructions and if not carefully followed can lead garments to crease and shrink.

Always check knitted garments for loose ends before taking them to be washed. There is no known remedy for knitted garments once unraveling has occurred. You can prevent clothes from shrinking by not over drying them. Exposing fabrics to too much heat affects the elasticity on fabrics and they become thinner.

How to clean sleeping bags

Sleeping bags come with instructions on how they ought to be cleaned. Most can be washed or need dry cleaning only. Check for tears, rips and stains before taking them to be cleaned. In the case there are rips and tears, take care to mend these first.

How to care for corduroy and silk garments

Never rub on stains on a silk garment. By doing this you weaken the silk fibers and instead you can apply food repellent sprays on your silk beforehand and in the case of a spill you easily wipe it off. On the other hand, you can use a wet cloth to blot out stains on Corduroys but avoid too much rubbing.

How to clean sweat stains

Perspiration stains do not appear immediately and as damp areas begin to dry off, they leave invisible stains and with time they get more noticeable. If left on for too long these stains weaken the fabric and they continue to form a buildup. You can get rid of sweat stains by washing garments in warm water using enough detergent. For stubborn stains soak garments in a concentrated solution of detergent and then rinse.

Clothing storage

How you store your clothes determine their durability. Not so many people are keen about this. Never store garments in a hot and damp environment as this will encourage the growth of molds. You can hang clothes on padded hangers as this reduces creasing. You may be tempted to store your clothes in plastic bags to keep dust from them but this is not right. Clothes should always be in an environment where there is free flow of air to avoid accumulation of moisture.

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