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Can You Send Any Clothing Item For Dry Cleaning?

Some people do not understand just how helpful a dry cleaning service can be. Do you know that dry cleaning is essential to some types of clothing that we have? Before generalizing that you are good without dry cleaners, read on to find out about items that are worth sending to them and those that you can just wash on your own.

Read the labels on your clothes or any piece of fabric

If you happen to be very scrutinizing about the clothes you wear (in fact, you may have been looking at holes or damages to the last detail when buying a new one), then there is no reason for you not to be able to read the labels. The tags usually have specific washing instructions with some stating for dry cleaning only.

Others will argue with you when it comes to whether what is written on the tag is authentic, even saying that clothing manufacturers are just fooling you to go for dry cleaning just because they do not want you complaining about the garments you bought from them later on. It is your judgement call. If you want your clothes to look good as new, follow as it says.

Specific items that dry cleaners can help you with

If you are still not convinced about just simply reading the label to help you decide on whether to send them to dry cleaning or not, it is best to have a checklist of specific items that can be cleaned by these experts. If your clothing items or fabrics have a lining, it is best to send them off to dry cleaners. The same is true if the clothing has embellishments like sequins and beads. Of course, don`t forget those expensive suits that you or your partner wears once in a while.

On your list, you should also include clothes with a variety of fabric blends as well as those made out of delicate synthetics. Skirts, pants and dresses that are heavily pleated and those that have been heavily stained because of an event will also be better off when sent to dry cleaners. If you also have items that have complicated designs on them, professionals know better how to clean them.

Specific items you can wash at home yourselves

There are some clothing items that will last longer when you opt to wash them by hand or if you spin them in your own washing machines like those made out of wool and cashmere. You can also do the same for those containing sturdy synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. It will also be good to hand wash or machine wash other cotton and linen items that are not included in the specific items you should send to dry cleaners.

Other miscellaneous items

There are other items which we have not included on the list above. These are leather and silk. If you are not sure you can wash garments made out of leather on your own, it is better to send them to dry cleaners than just ruin the entire fabric later on. For those made out of silk materials, follow these tips. You can wash light-colored or bright silks on your own at home. For darker ones, especially those that can stain other clothing items, it will be a wise option to just send them off for dry cleaning.

Avoid the risk of throwing away valuable pieces of clothing just because you have ruined them in the desire to save money and just wash them on your own. After all, you can visit Chicago dry cleaners that can take care of your garments for you.

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