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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Green Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a dream come true for taking care of stubborn stains and for the preservation of clothes that would otherwise be ruined by water. Did you know that there is also an option like green dry cleaning?

Top Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes


Dry cleaning is a convenient way to get your clothes cleaned with no hassles. There are many benefits of having your clothes cleaned by experts who are well versed in the art of dry cleaning. They also have vast experience in the composition of fabrics and are able to efficiently clean, and remove stains that you would normally not be able to. Dry cleaners are especially a lifesaver for busy people who have no time to do laundry.

Tips That We Often Ignore When Cleaning Garments

Dry cleaning goes way back to the ancient Roman times when clothes that tended to be too delicate were cleaned without water using a type of clay called Fuller, lye and ammonia derived from urine! We have come a long way from using those archaic methods and by simple definition; dry cleaning is cleaning with solvents and little, or no water at all. There are, however, basic things you should know about fabric care.

If Clothes Can Talk They Will Tell You How To Take Care Of Them!

You buy clothes off the rack, wear them to a pertinent occasion, and then throw them into the laundry basket. When it comes to cleaning them, are you sure you are doing the right thing? Don`t wait for such a time when your clothes will haunt you in your dreams and tell you what to do. Well, kidding aside, if your clothes can talk, they will tell you the following things so you can clean them.

Can You Send Any Clothing Item For Dry Cleaning?

Some people do not understand just how helpful a dry cleaning service can be. Do you know that dry cleaning is essential to some types of clothing that we have? Before generalizing that you are good without dry cleaners, read on to find out about items that are worth sending to them and those that you can just wash on your own.

What Do You Need To Know When Dealing With Delicate Clothing?

People have many clothes which are easy to wash and maintain, while others are delicate and need special care. Pieces that are made of linen, wool and silk happen to be the most delicate. Mostly, they will come with tags that elaborate on special care. The tag may say “dry clean only”, which means that you should not attempt to wash the cloth at home but instead take it to a professional cleaner. On the other hand, it may read machine wash or hand wash. If that is the case, you can follow these steps when cleaning.

Great Ideas That Will Help You Save Money On Dry Cleaning

The feeling of pulling out a nice garment that is crisp and wrinkle-free fresh from the dry cleaning bag is great. For those who have tried them before, professional dry cleaning services are absolutely great. It is even better if you know how to make the most out of these services and save money whenever possible. If you have been dreaming about getting certain attire, you can borrow some tips on how to save on dry cleaning. This requires research and good planning. Luckily, one task has been done for you. With these ideas in mind, you will be able to make significant savings on dry cleaning.

Care Guidelines For Those Not-So-Obvious Kind Of Laundry

There is more on how to take care of our clothes than just to see them clean. Being able to care for your laundry ensures that clothes we wear have that new look on them for longer and that means we don’t have to keep buying new outfits thus saving money. For more care tips in how to take care of your clothing, you can talk to your local service shops that deal in dry cleaning in Chicago IL 60657. In this article, we will look at frequently asked questions when it comes to clothing care and laundry.

How To Keep Your Dish Rags Clean

Kitchen rags or dish rags are the most overlooked pieces of clothing in the house. This is surprising because they are the most used around the kitchen. We use them to clean countertops, wipe dishes after cleaning and generally used while cooking to hold hot lids and wipe away spills. You cannot afford to ignore a dish rag after use and they need to be kept clean at all times. Rinsing and hanging them up is not enough and they need time to be properly cleaned to avoid a bad smell. Dish rags are very sensitive and if left an unattended they can be a breeding area for kitchen bacteria which causes a bad smell.

If not cared for, dirty dish rags at home can spread bacteria around, putting you and your family at risk of getting diseases. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your kitchen rags and how to keep them from smelling before your pickup and delivery dry cleaner in Chicago comes for the next batch of laundry.

What You Need To Know When Dealing With Stains On Dry Clean Only Fabrics

Nothing can be as annoying as getting your best outfit sparkling clean only to have it badly stained upon the first wear. Tough stains are a pain in the neck. Everyone knows that stains need prompt attention for the best chances of effective removal. Sadly, it may take a few days before you take your outfit to the dry cleaners. So what do you do to remove the stain? Well, you are about to find out a few ideas that can alleviate matters before you finally take your clothes to the cleaners.

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